Oatmeal Bamboo Jumpsuit (Heavy Weight)

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Who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit. We’ve designed the jumpsuit to look clean and classy. The harem style pant keeps this outfit on trend and complements all body shapes, including maternity and eliminates any opportunity to get wedged in undesirable places. 

Pair it with your favourite jacket, wear it as a base layer, easily breastfeed or lounge in complete comfort and style. Our signature gold zipper allows easy access in and out. 

The body suit comes in 3 different weights

Light Weight- Thin bamboo, which feels like a t-shirt material. Super soft, slinky and breathable. 

Medium Weight- Terry looped bamboo adds a thicker backing locking a little more warmth in.

Heavy Weight- fleece lined bamboo keeps the most of the warmth in. Allowing you to stay warm, snugly and comfy.

Try one today, you won't be disappointed!